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Refined tyre oil can be directly used in tractor

tyre oil to diesel

Pyrolysis process flow chart

pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant video

Used oil to diesel refining plant running vedio
Italy waste rubber tire pyrolysis plant process waste rubber/tire to fuel oil running
Waste oil to diesel plant demo waste oil to diesel process
3D animation video of tyre/plastic recycling process pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plastic to diesel plant demo that processing plastic to diesel and gasoline
Fully automatic continuous tire/plastic to diesel fuel oil pyrolysis distillation plant running vide
Continuous process pyrolysis of plastic /tire to diesel plant runing video
Aluminum plastic separation machine separationing aluminum plastic running video
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video
Mexico 6 sets waste tyre recycling plant processing waste tyre to oil running video

Italy customer set up successfully waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Italy customer bought a set of waste plastic pyrolysis plant from Doing company.In spite of the Italy customer can't speak English,he always translated Italian into Enlish by Google to contact with us.When he visit our factory and communicates with our colleagues detailed.With our help ,he get the license in Italy .The Italy customer place the order right now and buy the waste plastic pyrolysis plant .

Here is a picture of waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Italy customer

waste  plastic pyrolysis plant
Waste  plastic pyrolysis plant  set up successfully in Italy

 The raw material of Italy customer is plastic ,the waste plastic pyrolysis plant which help Italy customer extract fuel oil ,carbon black from waste plastic.
 The plastic pyrolysis oil of Italy customer can be widely used as fuel oil in industries such as steel and iron and boiler factories, ceramics, power or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc, or as well as used for generators to get electricity. The carbon black can be used for making construction bricks .
waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Italy

If you interested in the waste plastic pyrolysis plant ,please feel free to contact with us .

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