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Refined tyre oil can be directly used in tractor

tyre oil to diesel

Pyrolysis process flow chart

pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant video

Used oil to diesel refining plant running vedio
Italy waste rubber tire pyrolysis plant process waste rubber/tire to fuel oil running
Waste oil to diesel plant demo waste oil to diesel process
3D animation video of tyre/plastic recycling process pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plastic to diesel plant demo that processing plastic to diesel and gasoline
Fully automatic continuous tire/plastic to diesel fuel oil pyrolysis distillation plant running vide
Continuous process pyrolysis of plastic /tire to diesel plant runing video
Aluminum plastic separation machine separationing aluminum plastic running video
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video
Mexico 6 sets waste tyre recycling plant processing waste tyre to oil running video

Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant delivered to Czech

pyrolysis plant
A set of 12t waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant was delivered to Czech on 26th August.
tyre recycling plant
A set of advanced odor removal system was loading

The client from Czech visited our DOING factory in the end of May 2017, after
visiting waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant ,they are back to Europe and meet DOING’S chief manager in Italy, after that they placed our waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant directly.

tyre pyrolysis plant
The clients from Czech are meeting DOING’S chief manager in Italy

Considering the high request emission in European countries, we recommend advanced odor removal system,and a set of advanced Compound dedusting system to meet the high requirementsof local environmental protection department.
      tyre to fuel oil
 A set of advanced frame-type cooling system

DOING have different configuration of waste tyre/plastic/rubber recycling pyrolysis plant can meet your different requests.

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