waste tyre pyrolysis plant
  • Tire sidewall cutter

    Tire sidewall cutter

    Circle cutting machine is used to separate the tire side from the whole tire. Now...

  • Block cutting machine

    Block cutting machine

    Cutting block machine is used with cutting strips machine and cut the tire strips...

  • Rubber strip cutting machine

    Rubber strip cutting machine

    Cutting strips machine is used with circle cutting machine and could cut the tire...

  • <b>Hydraulic Cutting Machine</b>

    Hydraulic Cutting Machine

    Hydraulic cutting machine is used to process the waste tires and cut the tires in...

  • <b>Tire Steel Wire Separator</b>

    Tire Steel Wire Separator

    Tire steel wire separator is the ideal material that steel in the ring of the was...

  • <b>Circle cutting machine</b>

    Circle cutting machine

    circle cutting machine is low consumption, light in weight, occupying a small are...

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