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Refined tyre oil can be directly used in tractor

tyre oil to diesel

Pyrolysis process flow chart

pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant video

Fully automatic continuous tire/plastic to diesel fuel oil pyrolysis distillation plant running vide
Waste oil to diesel plant demo waste oil to diesel process
Pyrolysis plastic to diesel plant demo that processing plastic to diesel and gasoline
Continuous process pyrolysis of plastic /tire to diesel plant runing video
3D animation video of tyre/plastic recycling process pyrolysis plant
Aluminum plastic separation machine separationing aluminum plastic running video
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video
Mexico 6 sets waste tyre recycling plant processing waste tyre to oil running video
Mexico 10 set waste tyre pyrolysis plant was processing waste tyre working video
Scrap tire shredder crusher shredding crushing tire running video

Pyrolysis plant installation in Italy

We are very happy to share a good news of pyrolysis plant installation for our Italian client. Our pyrolysis plant can recycle tires and plastics into fuel oil and carbon blacks.
The pyrolysis plant he ordered is with advanced dedusting system. And all the condensors are fixed on a containerized frame. So the pyrolysis plant will be very clean and environmental -friendly.
And to help him save space and save time in installation, we design container machines for him.Let us see his containerized design:

pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant installation in Italy
Pyrolysis plant of dedusting system
Pyrolysis plant  in Italy
Now our engineer Mr Zheng is installing his pyrolysis plant in Italy


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