waste tyre pyrolysis plant
  • Tire baler

    Tire baler

    This tire baler is ideal for any workshop or used tyre dealer, used to double or ...

  • Rubber powder crusher

    Rubber powder crusher

    1. Particular structural design can absorb the noise and dust generated during pr...

  • <b>Rubber fine crusher</b>

    Rubber fine crusher

    As a part of rubber powder processing devices,Rubber fine crusher crushes the 6...

  • Powder making machine

    Powder making machine

    1. Low power, high output ,low noise , small vibration. 2. It takes special desig...

  • <b>Circle cutting machine</b>

    Circle cutting machine

    circle cutting machine is low consumption, light in weight, occupying a small are...

  • <b>Tire crusher</b>

    Tire crusher

    As a part of rubber powder processing devices, rubber crushing machine breaks rub...

  • Coal briquette machine

    Coal briquette machine

    Coal briquette machine can be used to press various mineral powders, scrap, waste...

  • <b>Briquetting plant</b>

    Briquetting plant

    Briquetting plant is mainly used for briquetting some powdery material which is d...

  • <b>Charcoal making machine</b>

    Charcoal making machine

    This series of charcoal making machine will pass the power on to the two pressure...

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